Get 50% Commissions On A $997 Ecommerce Program That Converts Like Gangbusters

Promotion Types

Private LIVE Webinar for Your List

  • Organized at a specific date and time
  • Special intro and content for your audience
  • Special bonuses for your audience
  • Retargeting for your audience
  • Advertising through your fan page

Evergreen Webinar for Your List

  • Start promoting immediately
  • Proven high-converting evergreen webinar
  • High-converting automated email funnel
  • Facebook ads retargeting funnel

Here’s How It Works…

#1 Earn 50% Commission, $498.50 For Each Sale

#1 Earn 50% Commission, $498.50 For Each Sale

We're paying a generous 50% commission through ClickBank. Because we're doing an interactive program, we expect a very low refund rate. I am 100% sure you’re going to love this!

#2 Pre-Webinar and Post-Webinar Video Content

#2 Pre-Cart Open and After Cart Open Video Content

We know webinar registrations are typically around 30 to 40% and the show up rate 30% at best.

But we’re not about to leave your money on the table!

We’ve prepared pre and after webinar content videos that we’ll be delivering to your leads with the goal of providing more goodwill and content, making their decision to purchase easier.

#3 Huge Funnel And Retargeting

#3 Huge Back-End Funnel And Retargeting

We have a very sophisticated funnel that will promote Digital Cash Academy and its content to qualified leads through Facebook retargeting. And the best part is – we’ll spend the money on advertising and you’ll keep your commission!

Over the past few months we’ve designed, optimized and perfected our retargeting funnels, and we’ll be retargeting your leads and spending our money, while you get to keep the full commission!

That’s how confident we are that this is going to CONVERT.

#4 Supported by ClickBank

#4 HIGH Conversions

#5 Over $30,000 In Prize Money and Gifts

We’ve just pulled one of the top 3 launched in cooperation with ClickBank University and had one of the top 3 sales days on ClickBank in 2017. All with one webinar. So you can rest assured our webinar is going to convert.

In order to promote Digital Cash Academy, you need to be whitelisted. Please give us 2 business days after submitting your application to get you whitelisted. -- IMPORTANT: If you would like a PRIVATE webinar, please email training (at) jrfisher.com

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